About Us


Gulf Bay Management and Realty, Inc.  Is a well known and respected member of the community and we place you, the customer, at the forefront of our day-to-day operations.  Our success over the decades has always been tied to a core commitment to honesty and integrity in all of our relationships.  As a client centered business, you will receive the highest level of personal, professional service from a longstanding, reputable company.

We implement multiple marketing strategies that benefit our clients on every transaction. Our real estate professionals  have extensive access to information about the communities we serve. This includes, but is not limited to:  schools, populations, recreation, entertainment, home values, growth potential and surrounding areas. Our agents live in the areas we serve enabling them to more effectively identify solutions and focus on the unique needs of our clients.

Our commercial division is well-equipped to provide today’s growing number of real estate investors with opportunities for both income and commercial properties.

 The real estate market is in a state of constant change.  This requires our agents to regularly attend training sessions and events to further their knowledge and ensure they are focused on current and future trends that impact the marketplace.  This type of training is imperative in order to succeed in obtaining top dollar for our clients.  Our priority is to identify and satisfy the specific needs of our clients so the process and transaction are clearly understood and flow smoothly.  

Our company is dedicated to maintaining a professional, trustworthy relationship with our clients. One way this can be seen is through the decades of relationships, friendships, referrals and generations of families we have, and continue to serve with excellence.

My Real Estate Journey

Gulf Bay Management and Realty, Inc. has been a family owned and operated real estate brokerage since 1978 and was started by my parents Frank and Sandra Romano.  My Mother was a school teacher and my Father was a fireman for the City of Tampa when they first opened the doors. Needless to say, holding full time jobs and trying to start a business at the same time was very demanding.  They both loved the beach area so we moved from Tampa, FL to Treasure Island in the late 1970’s

My parents began purchasing , rehabbing and selling property in the late 1970’s in the Gulf Beach Area. My Sister and I helped  them with the little things we could do, since we were still in grade school, like sweeping, cleaning and checking guests in during the winter season (Gulf Bay  also serviced seasonal rentals). No one sat idle for too long.   

 Growing Up In the Family Business

My father was the broker for all those years 1978-1997 and built up the business.   My parents strongly suggested that as soon as I was old enough, I take the Real Estate exam and I did.  Between the years of 1984 to 1997 I worked hard along side my parents and our business prospered as we developed meaningful, lasting relationships with our clients.  My father would often joke that either my Mother or I should get a Brokers License in case something happened to him.  In 1998, my Father passed away of cancer and no one had their Brokers License.  In 1998 I received my Brokers License and decided to continue to work the business, without hesitation, in order to honor the business that my parents had worked so hard to build and which I had a great passion for.

Still Here and So Are Our Customers  

Our offices today, are in the same location we started out in back then (with some updates and changes!) and the same place my Mother, Father, Sister and I called home while growing up in Treasure Island.  The reception area of our office was the bedroom my Sister and I slept in each night when we were children.  Over the years I have assisted hundreds of buyers and sellers achieve their  Real Estate Dreams, including the folks that my family assisted years ago when I was a child.   Their lifestyles and real estate needs have changed and I work closely with them to ensure their desires are handled with as much care as they were when my Mother and Father were running the business.  It is a wonderful feeling when they come back to me for assistance.  I have even had the pleasure of helping their children with their real estate needs and for all this I am grateful and blessed.  I have built a relationship of trust with these clients and they regularly refer me to family and friends. One of the most rewarding part of these long lasting relationships is that someone always has a good story about my Mother and Father to share with me. 

My Commitment

Yes, this business is very competitive, and so are we.  But  it is more importantly about building relationships and providing honest and excellent service before, during and after the sale.   That is the foundation we have built this 38 year business on and it continues today.

I realize that buying or selling can be a stressful undertaking. Whether you are purchasing or selling your first or your twentieth home, you want the process to go as smoothly as possible. As a Real Estate Professional, I will represent your best interest from start to finish,   I will always listen carefully to your goals and priorities, and never forget your short and long-term objectives.  I will provide an aggressive marketing plan outlining the entire procedure for home preparation, marketing, advertising, negotiating offers, and the escrow process.  Most importantly, I will be by your side from contract to closing!

Lisa Romano-Martinez
Gulf Bay Management and Realty, Inc.